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USA Digital Map Pricing


Please find below pricing* for our USA digital map products: DRGs (Digital Raster Graphics -- scanned topographic maps with geo-referencing), 3d Vector Contours, DEMs (Digital Elevation Models), LU/LC (Land Use/Land Class, a.k.a. "clutter"), Road Vectors, Hydrology and other vector layers, and low-cost off-the-shelf ortho-rectified imagery. Pricing includes your choice of projection (except DOQQ's) and file format (contact us for options). Please contact us for other products, including custom conversion and processing, as well as volume discounts.

Discounted Digital Map Data Pricing by US State >>

International Digital Map Data Pricing >> (extensive archive -- 237 countries)

New Production of USA DEMs, Vector Contours and Custom Vector Layers
(custom produced from paper maps or mylars, guaranteed quality, end-user choice of projection and file format)

Product Description Price per map sheet
USA DEMs, 10-meter - 30m resolution (1 arc-second), seamed, edge-matched and RMSE-tested $299
3D Vector Contours (add $99 per map sheet for edge-matching) $299
Vectorization of any "major" feature (roads, water), 1 layer $199
Vectorization of any "minor" feature, 1 layer $99
Full Vectorization Except Contours -- up to 8 features, 8 layers (except contours) $549
Full Vectorization Including Contours -- up to 9 features, 9 layers (including contours) $799

Custom Scanning and Geo-Referencing of USGS Topographic Maps
(up to 500 dpi, 4-bit (16 colors), 8-bit (256 colors) or 24-bit RGB)

Product Description Price per map sheet
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, < 6 maps $49
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, 6 - 20 maps $42
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, 21 - 99 maps $35
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, > 100 maps $30

USA Off-the-Shelf DRG Pricing
(250 dpi seamless color scans of USGS topographic maps)

Product Description Price
1 degree x 1 degree block (generally 64 24k map sheets, 2 100k sheets and 1 250k sheet, except for blocks containing water, Canada or Mexico). Minimum order = 3 blocks $99
Any US County - 1:24,000 Scale (All Counties - same flat $299 price!) $299
Individual map sheets (20k - 250k) $29 per map sheet
State Series - all 1:20,000 - 1:250,000 sheets $0.99 per map (state table)
Full-country coverage (continental US, AK, HI, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Pacific Territories) $29,995

USA Off-the-Shelf DEMS (Digital Elevation Models)
(NED: Best-available USGS DEMs integrated into a consistent terrain database with enhanced processing: filtering, seaming and edge-matching)

Product Description Price per map sheet
1 arc (30m) USA NED (National Elevation Dataset) DEM of the lower 48 states, Puerto Rico and Hawaii
(Alaska = 60m / 2 arc seconds)
contact us
1/3 arc (10m) USA NED (National Elevation Dataset), near-full coverage DEM of the conterminous US
(lower 48 states)
contact us
1 arc (30m) SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) coverage of the US (does not cover Alaska north of 60 degrees latitude) contact us

90m DEMs = $295 per State, or $2,995 for full-coverage of the lower-48

* All pricing = single-license, contact us for multi-license pricing.