GeoEye-1 50cm Global High-Resolution Satellite Imagery


GeoEye-1, the world’s highest-resolution commercial color imaging satellite, was launched on September 6, 2008 from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. The satellite offers extraordinary detail, high accuracy and enhanced stereo for DEM generation. GeoEye-1 will simultaneously collect Panchromatic imagery at 0.41m and Multispectral imagery at 1.65m.

Due to U.S. Government Licensing, the imagery will be made available commercially as 0.5m imagery. GeoEye-1 satellite has the capacity to collect
up to 700,000 square kilometers of Panchromatic imagery (and up to 350,000 square kilometers of Pan-Sharpened Multispectral imagery) per day.

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GeoEye-1 Satellite Specifications
Imaging Mode Panchromatic Multispectral
Spatial Resolution .41 meter GSD at Nadir 1.65 meter GSD at Nadir
Spectral Range 450-900 nm 450-520 nm (blue)
520-600 nm (green)
625-695 nm (red)
760-900 nm (near IR)
Swath Width 15.2 km
Off-Nadir Imaging Up to 60 degrees
Dynamic Range 11 bit per pixel
Mission Life Expectation > 10 years
Revisit Time Less than 3 day
Orbital Altitude 681 km
Nodal Crossing 10:30 am

GeoEye-1 high resolution satellite image of Kutztown University
Kutztown University collected by the GeoEye-1 satellite on October 7, 2008.
Courtesy of GeoEye

GeoEye-1 high resolution satellite image of Port in Casablanca, Morocco
Port in Casablanca, Morocco collected by the GeoEye-1 satellite on October 25, 2008.
Courtesy of GeoEye

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