QuickBird 60cm Global High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

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QuickBird was launched on October 18, 2001 from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California and was able to collect over 75 million square kilometers of satellite imagery annually. On orbit for more than 13 years, the QuickBird mission ended January 27, 2015. However, imagery from QuickBird is still available from archive and DigitalGlobe’s robust constellation (WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3 and GeoEye-1) remains available for new satellite imagery collections.

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QuickBird Satellite Specifications
Imaging Mode Panchromatic Multispectral
Spatial Resolution .61 meter GSD at Nadir 2.4 meter GSD at Nadir
Spectral Range 445-900 nm 450-520 nm (blue)
520-600 nm (green)
630-690 nm (red)
760–900 nm (near IR)
Swath Width 16.4 km at nadir
Off-Nadir Imaging 0-30 degrees off-nadir
Higher angles selectively available
Dynamic Range 11-bits per pixel
Mission Life Ceased new collections January 27, 2015
Revisit Time Approximately 3.5 days (depends on Latitude)
Orbital Altitude 450 km
Nodal Crossing 10:30 am

Also Available: CitySphere orthorectified, natural color imagery for 300
pre-selected cities worldwide.

QuickBird high resolution satellite image Vatican City Rome, Italy
Vatican City – Rome, Italy collected by the QuickBird satellite on August 24, 2004.
Courtesy of DigitalGlobe

QuickBird satellite imagery, Verrazano Narrows Bridge
Verrazano Narrows Bridge – New York collected by the QuickBird satellite on August 2, 2002. Courtesy of DigitalGlobe

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