IRS Medium-Resolution Satellite Imagery


Contact us for a free scene search. Just send the Lat / Long coordinates (Decimal.Degrees or Degrees - Minutes - Seconds) for the Upper Right and Lower Left corners of the area you want to cover, a center point for your project area with a buffer in km or a Lat / Long WGS84 .shp file.

Please also include which product you're interested in, how you'd like to use the imagery and what type of GIS / remote sensing software you use.

Please note our minimum orders for IRS 5m satellite imagery is one scene (see pricing details below).
  IRS medium-resolution satellite image

IRS medium-resolution (5m) satellite image.

Also availableIKONOS 1m and Landsat 7 15m / 30m satellite imagery and QuickBird high-resolution satellite imagery. Visit our Image Gallery for more sample graphics.

IRS RESOURCESAT-1 Satellite Imagery
Product Description Price per Scene
Geo (System Corrected) 70km x 70km scene, 5m pan $2,750
Geo (System Corrected) 23km x 23km scene, 5m multi-spectral $2,750
Geo (System Corrected) 141km x 141km scene, 23m multi-spectral $2,750
Geo (System Corrected) 350km x 350km scene, 56m multi-spectral $850


IRS 1C / 1D 5m Satellite Imagery
Product Description Price per 70km x 70km scene
(lower 48)
Alaska &
Europe Middle
Geo (System Corrected) 70km x 70km scene, 5m pan $2,500 $2,500 $1,500 $3,600 $3,300 $2,500
Reference (ortho-rectified) 70km x 70km scene, 5m pan or color $3,575 custom quote custom quote custom quote custom quote custom quote

IRS Notes:
IRS data is only available for regions covered by a ground receiving station -- the IRS receiving station centered around the Norman, Oklahoma provides coverage extends as far south as northern Costa Rica and Haiti, the Ecuador receiving station extends coverage to Panama, Costa Rica, portions of the Caribbean and northern South America, the new Brazil receiving station covers southern South America. Color products are not available on a System Corrected Basis, only ortho-rectified. All prices listed are for Company/Single-Agency licenses; Corporation/Multi-Agency licenses with more flexible terms are available for an additional charge. Additional charges apply for non-archived images that must be received on a rush basis (no charge applies if you wait for the normal satellite process) and various image processing options.

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